The conspiracy theory against conspiracy theorists

The conspiracy theory against conspiracy theorists

[Pravda] - 09/14/2021

If people follow the media on a regular basis, they cannot help but learn about the plethora of conspiracy theories floating around in cyberspace. As defined by the Hoffman dictionary (me), conspiracy theories are inanities espoused without evidence, reason, logic, or foundation by people, (...)


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Czech court detains Russian citizens Alexander Franchetti
Franchetti’s lawyer appealed this decision immediately at the court room
[TASS Russian News Agency] - 14/09/2021
The Transgender Delusion and Widespread Effeminacy Will Lead to Totalitarianism
by Amalric de Droevig () As a nation of economically dependent people relies upon a government for aid, alms, and (...)
[Russia Insider] - 14/09/2021
Tajik president, Putin discussed developments in Afghanistan, says Dushanbe
According to the Tajik presidential press service, two presidents also focused on pressing issues concerning the (...)
[TASS Russian News Agency] - 14/09/2021
Tower Bridge Floods, as Heavy Rains Force Londoners to Struggle With Traffic - Photo, Video
The Met Office issued an amber warning across most of England for Tuesday, forecasting heavy disruptions and (...)
[Sputnik] - 14/09/2021
Premier League Match Day 4 Round-Up
Premier League matchday four saw the return of Cristian Ronaldo, Tottenham's perfect start come to an end, (...)
[Sputnik] - 14/09/2021
Putin says Russian weapons and military hardware are unique
Much has been done to equip the army and the navy with state-of-the-art weapons and hardware, the Russian President (...)
[TASS Russian News Agency] - 14/09/2021
Syria’s Assad Meets Putin in Unannounced Russia Visit
Putin congratulated Assad on his re-election to a fourth term while Assad thanked Russia for its military support (...)
[The Moscow Times] - 14/09/2021
'Too Far Gone to Remember It Is Trump's Slogan’: Biden Trolled Over Pic With Kids Wearing MAGA Hats
US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Saturday for the 20th (...)
[Sputnik] - 14/09/2021
Cricket Commentator Harsha Bhogle Takes a Dig at Team India Over Calling Off England Test Match
Bhogle has had a love-hate relationship with the Indian cricket board. While he has been one of the loved voices in (...)
[Sputnik] - 14/09/2021
Putin says person who took ‘too long to get revaccinated’ in his inner circle gets COVID
The president said that he was speaking to the person, who fell ill, the whole day
[TASS Russian News Agency] - 14/09/2021
Afghan resistance front pleads for international support to fight Taliban
"If the West truly seeks to counter terrorism then they should help the last allies it has in (...)
[TASS Russian News Agency] - 14/09/2021