Check out These Wondrous Wooden Churches in Russia

Check out These Wondrous Wooden Churches in Russia

[Russia Insider] - 07/22/2021

by Olga Cherednichenko (Russia & India Report) This article originally appeared at Russia & India Report William Clement Smith builder of timber frames and wooden churches are his passion. When he saw a photograph of the wooden churches of Kizhi Island in Mortise & Tenon Magazine, he saved up (...)


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Russia has currently registered four coronavirus vaccines
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Putin expresses condolences to Merkel over floods in Germany
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Putin highlights need to step up Russia’s vaccination campaign
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Tajikistan puts troops on high alert for first time in republic’s history
100,000 officers and soldiers of the armed forces and 130,000 officers and soldiers of the mobilization reserve (...)
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Indian JV with Moscow offers BrahMos cruise missile to Russia’s Aerospace Force
The air-launched BrahMos has an operating range of 300 km and has been test-launched six times at ground and naval (...)
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US Will Hold Off on Reopening Jerusalem Consulate Until Israel Passes Budget - Report
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Watch: Biden Apparently Mixes up Numbers of US Deaths From Covid and 'All Major Wars Combined'
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CIA Chief Picks Veteran Who Led Bin Laden Hunt to Head ‘Havana Syndrome’ Task Force
US-Cuba tensions reached a new intensity in late 2016 after US diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba, began reporting (...)
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