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India urges training to replicate Lion Air crash for Boeing pilots
Pilots flying Boeing Co's 737 MAX jets in India should be trained on a simulator that replicates the suspected scenario...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
One US Marine rescued from crash near Japan is dead: military
One of the U.S. Marines recovered after two Marine Corps aircraft collided and crashed into the sea off the coast of Ja...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Italy's ruling parties at odds over taxing high-emission cars
Italy's ruling parties were at odds on Thursday over an amendment to the 2019 budget law, introduced this week, that wo...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Gabon's president discharged from hospital in Morocco
Gabon’s president has ben discharged from a hospital in Morocco, where he had been receiving treatment since Nov. 29, s...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
French PM: open to new measures to help the lowest paid
France's Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Thursday said he was open to new measures to benefit workers on the lowest ...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Turkish MP: Trump’s J'lem move 'black mark in history'
A senior Turkish ruling party lawmaker on Thursday criticized U.S. President Donald Trump's controversial decision to r...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Number of Yemenis in food crisis or emergency could hit 20 mln: WFP
A survey of food security in Yemen has found more than 15 million people are in a crisis or emergency situation an...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Ukraine asks West to ramp up sanctions on Russia
Ukraine urged a gathering of dozens of foreign ministers on Thursday to increase sanctions against Russia, accusing Mos...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Venezuela officials seek meeting with Bank of England over gold repatriation
Two high-ranking Venezuelan officials are traveling to London with plans to meet with the Bank of England over the repa...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Pakistan's army says it backs US peace talks with Afghan Taliban
Pakistan's army on Thursday threw its support behind the latest U.S. efforts for a political settlement with the Afgha...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
A third of Germany's small, medium-sized firms have been spied on
One third of Germany's small- and medium-sized companies have been spied on by foreign states, competitors or employees...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Libya to vote on permanent constitution in January
Libya will hold a referendum on the country’s permanent constitution in January, the electoral commission said Thursda...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Top US peace broker visits Afghanistan
The U.S. representative for Afghanistan reconciliation met with top Afghan officials in Kabul on Thursday as part of hi...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
EU lawmakers agree on tough line against tech companies
EU lawmakers agreed on Thursday to take a tougher stance against tech giants such as Google , Amazon and Apple in new l...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Slow train to China: India's trade ties with Beijing taking time to ripen
China and India may be talking about improving their trade relationship but there is little action to go with the words...
Yeni Safak - 6 December 2018
Turkey and Venezuela to shape 'magnificent' future
Other countries should not interfere with Venezuela’s commercial and economic activities, says Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
Israeli spyware firm denies link to Khashoggi killing
Firm rejects allegations of aiding Saudi government in spying on slain journalist
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
'Yellow vests' riots in Paris cost at least €3M
Recent protests in Paris cost 'between 3-4 million euros', mayor of Paris says
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
Khashoggi's private messages give hints to murder
Messages reveal plan for 'electronic army' to engage Saudi youth, debunk state propaganda on social media
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
Genocide committed against Rohingya: US law group
Crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes have been committed against minority Muslim group, says Washington group
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
UK government publishes summary of Brexit legal advice
43-page document sets out government’s legal position on Brexit deal
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018
Algerian president cancels bin Salman meeting over cold
Abdelaziz Bouteflika unable to receive Saudi crown prince due to acute influenza, says Algerian presidency
Turkiye Newspaper - 4 December 2018

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