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Qatar takes measures to prevent further desertification of the region
Ministry of Municipality and Environment, in co-operation with United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), recently organised a three-day workshop to develop a national strategy for combating desertification in Qatar. The (...)
Doha News - 6 July 2018
Residents of Qatar can maintain ambient air quality by practicing simple steps
World Health Organization (WHO) found that ambient air pollution has claimed over 4.2 million deaths globally. It is mostly prevalent in the urban settlements without proper ventilation, given air conditioned buildings. Inhalation of toxic air (...)
Doha News - 30 June 2018
Expats should embrace Ramadan and deepen empathy for humanity. It’s gratifying
The Holy month of Ramadan is about to get underway and Qatar, as well as the entire Middle East region, is high on excitement. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting. Muslims (...)
Doha News - 27 April 2018
Cityscape Qatar 2018: An ever-improving roadmap for sustainable growth
Qatar’s real estate sector contributes a significant share in the country’s entire GDP, with infrastructure projects accounting for the highest spending. The market continues to expand, thanks to a high immigrant population, economic (...)
Doha News - 23 April 2018
Qatar accepts invite to attend the Arab League summit in Riyadh. Will it lead to softening of the (...)
Qatar has formally been invited to attend this year’s Arab League summit, set to be held in Riyadh on April 15. Saudi Arabia had earlier postponed the summit to April, saying the original date in late March clashed with Egypt’s presidential (...)
Doha News - 6 April 2018
Times they are a-changing: Steadfast Qatar opening new economic horizons & there’s no turning back (...)
Qatar is not diversifying its economy because it is, unlike its Gulf neighbours, running out of its oil and gas reserves any time soon. They have the third largest gas reserves in the world, following Russia and Iran, with an estimated 872 (...)
Doha News - 6 April 2018
Knowledge economy: Qatar’s increasing focus on developing ‘human capital’ is an integral part of its national (...)
In the last few years, Qatar has emerged as Asia’s leading education hub and global center of learning. It is a direct result of its rising position as a destination of choice among overseas students seeking international quality education. The (...)
Doha News - 4 April 2018
Qatar plans to make FIFA 2022 World Cup the most secure sporting event ever
By some estimates, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is going to cost the tiny Gulf nation approximately US $220 billion. This is about 60 times the $3.5 billion that South Africa spent on the 2010 edition. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil roughly (...)
Doha News - 8 March 2018
Qatar To Upgrade Child Rights Legislation As Per International Standards
Children are the most vulnerable section of any society throughout the globe and are also the future of a country. Understanding the importance of the proper framework of Child Rights, the Government of Qatar has sought to upgrade its (...)
Doha News - 21 February 2018
Technical Instructors Around The Globe Gather In Doha For FIFA Referee Development Course
Seminar for FIFA Referee Technical & Fitness Instructors that kick started on Monday, will oversee the participation of hundred technical instructors in Doha. The seminar, which is a five day event will conclude this Friday. The objective of (...)
Doha News - 21 February 2018

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