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“Car-free Day” to be held on May 18
Ulaanbaatar holds its annual Car-Free Day on Saturday, May 18, in order to promote improvement of mass transit, cycling and walking. On this day, roads of Peace Avenue, starting from west crossroad to east crossroad, will be closed. Also within, (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 17 May 2019
Earthquake occurred in Bayankhongor and Sukhbaatar provinces
At 19:46 on May 16, an earthquake with magnitude 5.2 occurred in Khurenbelchir bag, Zag soum of Bayankhongor province. Governor of the soum D.Munkhnasan clarified from the Emergency Management Agency of Bayankhongor province and informed there (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 17 May 2019
No raw coal delivery in Ulaanbaatar
A government resolution to not deliver household raw coal to the capital city is under implementation from today. The government made the resolution on February 28, 2018 considering that air pollution will decrease by 50% when raw coal is (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 15 May 2019
Ch.Ulaan: SMEDF receive loan projects between May 24- June 10
Ch.Ulaan: Loan decision of SMEDF is no longer approved by the Minister- On May 14, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry gave information about SMEDF loan procedure has been updated. Working group of SMEDFund has worked on (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 14 May 2019
JICA project to decrease traffic accidents in Mongolia
In Mongolia, 500-600 people die due to traffic accident per annum. In 2018, 5323 people faced with traffic accident, 4761 people got injured and 562 people were dead. This rate is same as traffic accidents occurred in Japan in 1970s, well-known (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 13 May 2019
G.Tsoggerel as DIRECTOR of Naadam festival
G.Tsoggerel, the General Director of the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble has been selected as General Director of Naadam festival’s opening and closing ceremonies this year, and started his (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 13 May 2019
New Economic Forum Agenda
New Econoic Forum Agenda
GoGo Mongolia - 13 May 2019
Marmot plaque in Bayan-Olgii and Uvs provinces
On May 1, a Mongolian couple is dead because of marmot plaque in Bayan-Olgii province. Following their deaths, the county imposed the quarantine on 124 people who had come in contact with the couple. All of the quarantined people were treated (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 8 May 2019
D.Turkhuu: Electronic visa permit service is now available
The Mongolia Immigration Agency has just started issuing an electronic visa permit to the foreign nationals. In this regard, we have interviewed Mr. Turkhuu, Officer of the Visa and Citizenship Department of the Mongolia Immigration Agency to (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 8 May 2019
Dave Vosen: I’m very keen to see as much of Mongolia on foot, on bike or on horse
Gogo Mongolia is introducing the honourable Dave Vosen, Ambassador of Australia to Mongolia. He is a career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and was most recently Director, North Korea Section. He has previously served (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 7 May 2019
New Head and Deputy Head of IAAC are on duty
At the session of State Great Khural of Mongolia dated May 2, 2019, Dashdavaa Zandraa was appointed as Head of Independent Agency Against Corruption of Mongolia, and Batsaikhan Janjaa as Deputy Head based on Article 21.1 of Law on (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 3 May 2019
Commemorative coin is on sale due to 95th anniversary of Bank sector
In framework of the Law on State Treasury, The Bank of Mongolia issues commemorative coins on the occasions of historical events and anniversaries. In particular, the Bank of Mongolia released its first coin in 1974 for celebration of 50th (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 2 May 2019
Reimbursement of MNT 42 billion transferred to deposits up to MNT 20 million
Deposit Insurance Corporation informed that reimbursement of MNT 42.2 billion was transferred to deposit holders lower than MNT 20 million.
GoGo Mongolia - 2 May 2019
Parking space in front of Sukhbaatar square was sealed
According to ordinance of Governor of the capital city S.Amarsaikhan, parking space in front of Sukhbaatar square was sealed today.
GoGo Mongolia - 29 April 2019
Mongolian Foreign Policy: The story of seeking the third neighbor
1962 was a great year. At the beginning of the year, Mongolia established diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan by the first half of the year and Laos in the fall. Prime Minister Tsedenbal Yumjaa's interview (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 29 April 2019
State visit of Kh.Battulga to ROC starts tomorrow
President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga is to pay state visit to the Republic of China between April 24-25 by invitation of Xi Jinping, President of ROC.
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019
Experts warn of pre-election year impact on improving economy
Public investment expenses almost tripled compared to the previous years to MNT 1.2 trillion. As a reminder, the economic growth slowed down during the three previous parliamentary elections and the MNT rate declined (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019
Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh visited to livestock ear tag factory
On April 22, U.Khurelsukh, Prime Minister of Mongolia visited to the first livestock ear tag factory located in Ulziit sub-district, 14th khoroo, Khan-Uul district.
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019
Upcoming bill prohibits underground water usage in mining
80 percent of Mongolia's water is supplied by 1.9 percent of the total reserves of groundwater
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019
Thursday work schedule set to be 10:00-19:00
National Emergency Management Agency informed that working time of state organizations and other entities dated April 25 is starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m. In framework of the Disaster management training to be held between April 24-26 (...)
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019
Mongolian Foreign Policy: The story of seeking the third neighbor
After World War II, diplomatic relations between China and the Soviet Union was a major achievement for Mongolia.
GoGo Mongolia - 23 April 2019

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