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Kuwait posts KD 108m current account surplus for Q2: CBK
KUWAIT: Kuwait recorded a current account surplus of KD 108 million ($357 million) in the (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Vaccine drive awaits global regulatory approval: Minister
KUWAIT: Kuwait will start administering shots of a coronavirus vaccine to its population as (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
UN agencies applaud Kuwait’s anti-corruption cooperation
KUWAIT: Representatives of the United Nations, the UN Development Program (UNDP) and the UN (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Dasman Diabetes Institute wins Al-Maktoum Award
KUWAIT: The Dasman Diabetes Institute won the award of HH Sheikh Hamdan Al-Maktoum for the best (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity opens school for Syrian refugees
ANKARA: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society announced opening an intermediate school for (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Life in Kuwait in the Thirties
By Mahmoud Zakaria The sounds of crashing waves, chainsaws, hammers, porters, boats coming and (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Signing in Kuwaiti
By Nawara Fattahova Sign language is different in different countries, and is not a universal (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Us vs them
By Jamie Etheridge Writing opinions or editorials about life in Kuwait as an expatriate can be (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Why aren’t women elected to parliament?
By Sahar Moussa Across five electoral districts in Kuwait, 395 candidates competed for the 50 (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Photo of the Day
View of a mosque and high-rises in Kuwait City on a clear winter day. – Photo by Fouad (...)
Kuwait Times - 10 December 2020
Lockdowns and curfews to return for 2 weeks if infections increases
During recent meeting the cabinet reviewed the plans presented by Minister of Health Dr. Basel (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 3 November 2020
A Kuwaiti virologist discovers a way to treat COVID-19 infections
Has Kuwait dazzled the world after one of its sons found a way to treat COVID-19 viral (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 1 November 2020
The Queen
The Queen They were smirking at her in a way. She was unsure of the decision she has made, but (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 11 September 2020
Indian embassy in Kuwait begins registration for those who do not have valid travel documents
The Indian Embassy in Kuwait has begun registering its nationals who do not possess valid (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 10 September 2020
Increase in renewal fees of vehicle registration book
Sept 9: Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Interior Ministry Major-General (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 9 September 2020
Schools to reopen in November
Sep 5: The schools are expected to open in November with students returning to school (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 6 September 2020
Rules for receiving arrivals on T4 terminal at Kuwait Airport
Sep 3: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced new preventive measures for those (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 3 September 2020
68,318 Expats will not be able to renew residence
Sep 2: The Public Authority for Manpower has begun preparing a database for all those who have (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 3 September 2020
Japanese medicine for treating COVID-19 succeeds in Kuwait
Sept 2: The use of the Japanese drug “Avigan” for treating patients suffering from COVID-19 (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 2 September 2020
COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait by next summer
Sept 1: Dr. Wasel Al-Adasani, a specialist in infectious and internal diseases, says the (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 1 September 2020