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Warning Issued – not to approach white mushrooms
Environment Public Authority (EPA) warned the public Sunday against approaching white mushrooms which appeared in different parts of Kuwait in the wake of the heavy rainfall. The white mushroom belongs to the Amanita family, which consists of (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 26 November 2018
Unstable weather conditions to continue
There are no water pools, road traffic are stable and police patrols distributed in all roads, Kuwaiti Civil Defense Committee spokesperson Colonel Jamal Al- Foudari said to KUNA Friday. For his part, the Director of the Department of Central (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 24 November 2018
Kuwaiti arrested in Bangladeshi taxi driver murder
Four days after the corpse of a Bangladeshi taxi driver was found on a street in Jabriya area, a Kuwaiti citizen in his 30s was arrested for allegedly murdering the victim. According to a press statement issued by the General Department of (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 24 November 2018
Woman killed her boyfriend and feed to Pakistanis
Prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates are accusing a Moroccan woman of killing her boyfriend, then butchering and cooking his body and serving his remains to Pakistani workers in a traditional rice and meat dish known as machboos. The National (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 20 November 2018
Owner of the house will be fine KD30,000 to KD200,000 fine
Compensation will be granted to those who suffered damages caused by the heavy rains, while others will be obliged to pay huge fines for committing violations which resulted in the floods, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources. Sources said the (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 18 November 2018
Thousands of expat job titles cancelled in Pvt sector
Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has cancelled the job titles of thousands of expatriates who occupy supervisory positions in private sector companies after discovering that they are not highly qualified or their certificates are not (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 18 November 2018
Use of some painkillers without prescription is illegal
The consumption of Lerica pills, used as painkillers for some patients, is illegal without prescription, and a law will be activated soon to punish anyone who will be caught in possession of this pill without a doctor’s prescription, reports (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 17 November 2018
No Fine for broken windscreens
The General Traffic Department in the Interior Ministry decided not to issue citations to motorists regarding broken windows as the unstable weather conditions caused such damages due to flying gravel, reports Al-Anbaa daily. The decision is in (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 17 November 2018
Philippines Embassy to implement new contract system for domestics
Embassy of the Philippines in Kuwait has started implementing a new system for the recruitment of its citizens to work in the domestic sector of Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. One of the most prominent provisions of this contracting system is (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 12 November 2018
Expats will be banned from public hospitals
Expats will be banned from public hospitals within 3 years Well-informed health sources said the health ministry said expats will be banned from treatment in public hospitals within less than three years. The ministry also rejected parliamentary (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 12 November 2018
B.Com degree not recognized for Accountants by shoun official
I am working as an accountant in a company for the last 10 years. My salary is KD 400 and designation is accountant in my work permit. I have a driving licence which was issued on 21-03-2012. Now my Mandub went for Shoun pass in Sharq they are (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 11 November 2018
Heavy rain expected at times in Kuwait
Kuwait’s meteorological department said clouds were assembling triggering thunderstorm with rainfall expected to be heavy at times on Saturday. The combination of clouds and rain will cause floods in some areas specially the ones already soaked (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 10 November 2018
Woman dies in tragic mishap in Kuwait
Qadisiya securitymen arrested a young Kuwaiti man, in his 20s, for running over a female compatriot in her 40s who died on the spot, reports Alrai daily. A security source disclosed the tragic accident took place on the Third Ring Road where the (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 10 November 2018
Plan to ban expat families from living in ‘private’ and ‘model housing’ areas
Kuwait Municipality intends to amend some provisions of law number 125/1992 on bachelor housing in a bid to ban expatriate families from residing in private and model housing areas, reports Al-Anba daily quoting sources. Sources said Director (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 6 November 2018
New amnesty rules: Deportation of all expats serving judicial sentences
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lt-Gen Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah received Monday morning the Chairman of the Amiri Rules and Regulations Committee Counselor Mohammed Fuhaid Al-Zuabi who was presented with instructions on the (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 6 November 2018
Court ordered the detention of an Kuwaiti woman
The Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of an unidentified Kuwaiti woman for 21 days at the Central Prison on the charge of allegedly murdering her Ethiopian maid, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source told the daily, the Farwaniya (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 6 November 2018
Drug in Ketchup Bottles
Shuwaikh customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of illicit tablets kept inside a big ketchup shipment that arrived at Shuwaikh Port, coming from Syria yesterday. The number of tablets could be nearly one million, (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 6 November 2018
New Fine of 500 KD
The new Fire-fighting Law includes a stipulation on imposing harsher penalties on those who violated safety and protection regulations such as fine of KD 10,000 if the violation resulted in accident and loss of properties, reports Al Rai daily (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 5 November 2018
Remains of elderly Kuwaiti found inside stable
The remains of a 74-year-old Kuwaiti, who was found dead inside a stable in Jahra, have been referred to Forensics, reports Al-Rai daily. The security sources, quoting the victim’s son, said after the father was not seen or heard of for a couple (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 5 November 2018
Kuwait approve the program to gauge expat workers need
Deputy Director General for Expatriate Workers Affairs at Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Hassan Al-Khidher disclosed that Projects Management Program has been approved to estimate the need for expatriate workers in government contracts, (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 4 November 2018
Fine between KD 3,000 and KD 10,000 for misuse of Social Media
The Cybercrime Department of General Department for Criminal Investigations affiliated to Ministry of Interior has succeeded in closing hundreds of fake and ghost accounts widespread on social media especially “Twitter”, as they were being (...)
Kuwait Upto Date - 4 November 2018

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