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N.Y. Consul-General sees opportunity to boost support in U.S. Latino community
“Latino voices are carrying greater weight, leaders from their communities are rising to (...)
The Jerusalem Post - 23 February 2018
Four more arrested in Shikun & Binui Kenya bribery affair
Those detained today include former Shikun & Binui CEO Ofer Kotler.
Globes - 22 February 2018
Flug slams Israel's poor education, low productivity
Governor of the Bank of Israel Karnit Flug said inclusive growth was the best way of narrowing (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Egyptian army Sinai operations disrupt Israeli mobile reception
Mobile phone customers in Israel are having many calls cut off.
Globes - 22 February 2018
Tower reports record year but tepid guidance
The company's revenue rose 5.1% to $358 million in the first quarter.
Globes - 22 February 2018
Cellcom defies Netflix on refund offer
Cellcom is offering a NIS 30 credit for purchasing Netflix's content services even though (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Israel Chemicals signs Tamar, Leviathan gas deals
The agreement is a backup in case Energean does not supply gas on the agreed (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Simon Wiesenthal Center considers travel advisory for Poland
NGO monitoring situation in wake of rise in antisemitism following passage of Holocaust (...)
The Jerusalem Post - 22 February 2018
IVC: China minor player in Israeli high-tech
IVC data found that China makes limited investments in Israel, and mainly for strategic (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
US Jewish group pulls 'Polish Holocaust' video after causing outcry
The answer to the ‘Polish Holocaust Bill,’ is not inflammatory, hateful rhetoric such as this (...)
The Jerusalem Post - 22 February 2018
Shekel gains continue
Even the growing political uncertainty, as the prime minister is beset by police (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Mellanox jumps on raised guidance
Mellanox now sees revenue of $240-250 million in the first quarter, up from its previous (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Former NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire launches line of kosher wines
Stoudemire’s line includes two red wine blends and one Cabernet Sauvignon, all produced in (...)
The Jerusalem Post - 22 February 2018
India places IAI, Rafael on restricted procurements list
Defense News reports these companies can sign deals supporting operational urgency, national (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
French rabbi’s baby burned by acid placed in her stroller
Police are looking into a possible antisemitic motive.
The Jerusalem Post - 22 February 2018
Japan's NTT invests $3m in personal car data co Otonomo
The Israeli company has developed a connected car system to share vehicle data and sell it to (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
TV to smartphone audio co Tunity raises $12m
The Israeli company has developed an app that streams live audio from muted TVs to the users' (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Tamar Petroleum raising NIS 2.2b more on TASE
Midroog gave the company's Series B bonds the same rating as its Series A bonds - (...)
Globes - 22 February 2018
Israel lags world on electric vehicles - report
A Knesset study found that Israel's adoption of electric vehicles is very slow.
Globes - 21 February 2018
Cyprus set to sign Egypt gas export deal - report
Cyprus is close to signing a an agreement to export gas from the Aphrodite gas reservoir, (...)
Globes - 21 February 2018
Bank Leumi values Leumi Card at NIS 2b
Bank Leumi is gearing up to sell Leumi Card following relative clarifications of the regulatory (...)
Globes - 21 February 2018

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