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Carrie Lam considered tear gas probe: Chan Kin-man
A co-founder of the Occupy Movement, Chan Kin-man, told the District Court on Friday that the then-Chief Secretary Carrie Lam had told him during a phone conversation a few days after the mass protests started in September 2014, that an (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Arts hub bosses vow to have M+ museum open by 2020
The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority says they are now confident that the M+ museum will be opened to the public in 2020, despite the troubles that have plagued the project. Speaking at a topping-out ceremony to mark the completion of (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Premature to talk about drivers' working hours: CE
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Friday it's too early to say if the SAR government should beef up its regulations over the long working hours of local drivers, following a fatal car crash in Tsing Yi on Friday morning. At least five (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Ex-official wins appeal over Lamma ferry sentence
A former assistant director of the Marine Department, who was jailed for misconduct in the wake of the 2012 Lamma ferry disaster, will not have to return to prison after the Court of Appeal reduced his sentence to the time already served. So (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
'Change laws to make bus seat belts compulsory'
The government has been urged to bring in laws making the use of seat belts compulsory for passengers on all buses and coaches following the fatal crash in Tsing Yi on Friday morning. At least five people died after a bus ferrying some airport (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Coach firm rejects reports of driver fatigue
The company whose bus was involved in a fatal crash on Friday morning has dismissed concerns that driver fatigue would have played a role in the tragedy. Kwoon Chung Bus chairman Matthew Wong said the driver had taken an eight-day holiday (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
'We were crushed together, many were screaming'
Surviving passengers of a shuttle bus that was involved in a fatal crash on Friday morning recalled chaotic scenes inside the coach as the vehicle crashed into the back of a taxi. One of them said there was a lot of screaming and he thought the (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Tsing Yi crash driver was on the job for ten hours
Police say the 62-year-old driver of a private coach that was involved in a fatal crash on Friday morning had been on his job for around ten hours, as his shift started around 7pm the night before. At least five people – a taxi driver and four (...)
RTHK - 30 November 2018
Five killed, 30 injured after crash in Tsing Yi
Five people have been killed after a coach crashed into a taxi on Cheung Tsing Highway in Tsing Yi. More than 30 people have been injured with 10 in a serious condition. The dead include three bus passengers as well as both drivers, with reports (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Beijing halts activities of gene-editing scientist
A mainland scientist who stoked criticism over his claim that he had created the world's first genetically-edited babies faced mounting pressure on Thursday as Beijing ordered a halt to his scientific activities and warned he may have broken the (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Firm launches investigation after Chief Exec. Carrie Lam’s personal credit check report accessed
Security loopholes found in the online portal of consumer credit reporting company TransUnion have allowed reporters to illegally access private information belonging to Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Financial Secretary Paul Chan. Ming Pao (...)
HKFP - 29 November 2018
Chu Hoi-dick left in limbo, poll procedure delayed
In a rare move, the Election Affairs Commission on Thursday postponed a lot-drawing procedure to determine the order of candidates’ names for a village election as it couldn't confirm one of the candidates’ nominations. The commission didn’t (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
New monitoring system for light rail trains: MTR
The MTR Corporation on Thursday said it will install a new monitoring system on its light rail network that will allow real-time tracking of the location and speed of a vehicle to improve safety. The system uses GPS, radio frequency (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Hong Kong broadcaster RTHK in the spotlight as gov’t audit report cites shrinking audience
Hong Kong’s public broadcaster Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has come under under scrutiny after a critical report was released by the Audit Commission on Wednesday. The report said RTHK had doubled the proportion of re-runs it broadcast over (...)
HKFP - 29 November 2018
Mum's the word for young, overworked doctors
Overworked doctors in government hospitals are turning more and more to their mums to nurse them through their extended workdays, according to a human resources official. Talking about the need to train health professionals to communicate (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Cheaper HOS flats attract more family applications
The Housing Authority said on Thursday it has seen a slight increase in the proportion of family applications compared to single person applications for its latest home ownership scheme offerings. A record-breaking 270,000 applicants are vying (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Lawmaker raises doubts as alcohol curbs kick in
A new law that bans the sale of alcohol to minors takes effect on Friday, but there are already concerns that the regulation will prove to be toothless. Civic Party lawmaker Kwok Ka-ki said on Thursday that the authority tasked with enforcing (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Legco passes bill for new travel industry watchdog
Legislators on Thursday approved a bill to create a new regulatory body for the travel industry. No date has yet been fixed for when the new Travel Industry Authority will be established. It will be made up of mostly non-trade members, and will (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
Hong Kong conference slams ‘deeply disturbing’ baby gene-editing claim by Chinese scientist
A scientist who upended a Hong Kong conference with his claim to have created the world’s first genetically-edited babies cancelled a fresh talk and was heavily criticised by organisers Thursday, who labelled him as irresponsible. He Jiankui had (...)
HKFP - 29 November 2018
'Bar independence advocates from all polls'
Pro-Beijing lawmaker Priscilla Leung on Thursday said people who advocate for self-determination or Hong Kong independence should be barred from running even in lower-level elections, such as for district councils. This comes after pro-democracy (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
'Top officials brushed off Occupy trio's talk bid'
A co-founder of the 2014 Occupy movement said on Thursday they met top government officials to discuss universal suffrage two months before the massive protests began, but they were given short shrift. Occupy co-founder Chan Kin-man revealed (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018
He Jiankui pulls out, gene conference slams trial
A scientist who upended a Hong Kong conference with his claim to have created the world's first genetically-edited babies cancelled a fresh talk and was heavily criticised by organisers on Thursday, who labelled him as irresponsible. He Jiankui (...)
RTHK - 29 November 2018

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5 killed in Hong Kong coach crash
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Five dead, 32 injured in Hong Kong coach (...)
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