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'French Spider-Man' unfurls message of peace in HK
A free climber dubbed the 'French Spider-Man' for his skills in clambering up skyscrapers has mounted the Cheung Kong Center in Hong Kong's Central district, unfurling a message calling for peace in the city. Alain Robert scaled the 68-storey (...)
RTHK - 16 August 2019
Anti-triad police arrest five for desecrating flag
Police from the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau have arrested four men and a woman on suspicion of desecrating the national flag. The move comes after the flag was taken from a flagpole in Tsim Sha Tsui earlier this month and thrown into the (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Civil Human Rights Front unhappy with objection
The Civil Human Rights Front says it is unhappy that police have objected to its plans for a march on Hong Kong Island this Sunday. The front had planned to march from Victoria Park in Causeway Bay to the Chater Road pedestrian precinct in (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Police defend tear gas use in Sham Shui Po
The police have defended their use of 35 canisters of tear gas and a rubber bullet to clear protesters who were burning paper to mark the Hungry Ghost Festival outside Sham Shui Po police station last night. Speaking at the police's daily press (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Tear gas in Sham Shui Po for third time in 9 days as Hong Kong police clear roads during ‘ghost festival’ (...)
Sham Shui Po saw tear gas for the third time in nine days as Hong Kong police sought to clear a protest marking the Lunar Calendar’s Hungry Ghost Festival. Protesters and residents had gathered outside the local police station on Wednesday (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
Sweeteners 'no solution to society's ills'
Government critics said a HK$19 billion proposal aimed at helping people and businesses weather the economic storm would not ease tensions in society. Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung told RTHK officials still need to tackle the extradition (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Beijing steps up campaign against HK protests
The State Council on Thursday stepped up its media campaign against the anti-extradition movement, by inviting a number of Basic Law scholars to address the SAR's crisis at a press conference. One academic, Zou Pingxue, said the key to restoring (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Relief package not reaction to protests, says govt
Top government officials said a relief package worth HK$19 billion announced on Thursday was not a government response to the ongoing political crisis that has gripped Hong Kong since June, but was instead aimed at boosting the local economy, (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Govt unveils HK$19bn package to 'help economy'
The beleaguered Carrie Lam government on Thursday announced HK$19 billion worth of sweeteners and waivers covering a wide section of society, in what some see as an attempt to ease public discontent as Hong Kong is being rocked by (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Man accused of being ‘fake’ journalist apologises for wearing a NowTV press vest, says he is a student (...)
A student reporter has apologised after he wore a NowTV press vest when reporting on Hong Kong’s protests, despite not working for the broadcaster. Andy Ip – a journalism student at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan – said he has been working as a (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
Airport chaos won't hit our aim: student group
The group of students who are planning a rally to seek support of foreign countries, say they think inconvenience caused to foreign travellers and attack on two men by protesters will not affect their campaign, but admitted there is room for (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
No split over airport attacks, say protesters
Anti-extradition protesters say they are not worried about the prospect a split in their ranks over the airport attacks on Tuesday, but said they would reflect on their actions and look at ways to improve. There's been heavy criticism over the (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Jailed Hong Kong Umbrella Movement leader Benny Tai released on bail pending appeal
Benny Tai, one of the nine leaders jailed for participation in the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella Movement, has been allowed bail pending an appeal. Legal scholar Tai was sentenced to 16 months in prison in April over public nuisance charges. He (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
Individuals join campaign against mooncake waste
Ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a green group said the people of Hong Kong are for the first time signing up to a charter in their personal capacity to help reduce the waste of mooncakes. Food Grace said a charter targeting businesses came (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Three men arrested over Tin Shui Wai fireworks attack against Hong Kong protesters
Hong Kong police have arrested three local men in relation to a fireworks attack outside the Tin Shui Wai police station against protesters two weeks ago. On Wednesday, the police arrested the men, aged between 26 and 34, in Yuen Long, on (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
Arrested protesters accuse police of ill-treatment in detention and denial of access to lawyers
Pro-independence activist Andy Chan has said that two arrested protesters suffered ill-treatment when in Hong Kong police custody. At a Wednesday press conference, Chan said he was asked by the pair to talk about their cases, including one who (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
Watchdog issues a warning difficult to stomach
The Consumer Council has issued a warning that some vegetarians may find difficult to stomach: some of the vegan meat products sold in Hong Kong contain animal products. The council said four of the 35 mock meat products it examined and sold as (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Benny Tai hails 'sacrifices made to protect HK'
Occupy Central founder Benny Tai said on Thursday that he's proud to be standing together with anti-extradition protesters who have sacrificed themselves to defend Hong Kong's core values. Speaking to reporters after being granted bail pending (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Chinese military personnel parade near Hong Kong border – AFP
Thousands of Chinese military personnel waving red flags paraded at a sports stadium in a city across the border from Hong Kong on Thursday, an AFP reporter witnessed. Armoured vehicles were also seen inside the stadium in Shenzhen, with the (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019
'Cathay sacking could trigger wave of dismissals'
An executive member of the Hong Kong Cabin Crew Federation said on Thursday that Cathay Pacific's sacking of two pilots over links to the ongoing protests could set a dangerous precedent and warned the city could see a wave of sackings soon. (...)
RTHK - 15 August 2019
Donald Trump links Hong Kong crisis to trade as more protests loom this weekend
by Jerome Taylor Donald Trump on Wednesday urged China to “humanely” resolve the violent stand-off with pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, as concerns grow that Beijing is considering direct intervention in the crisis. In a series of tweets, (...)
HKFP - 15 August 2019

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