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Housing construction boom
Bhutan is experiencing a housing construction boom since the past few years. Strong demand for rental apartments, shops, hotels and office space lead to an increase in construction in the country. The easy availability of loans from financial (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
Labour ministry’s findings of ‘Learn and Earn’ programme
The Japanese government and its relevant authorities have assured support in addressing the issues faced by the “Learn and Earn” programme (LEP) youths in Japan. It includes facilitation of visa extension of students continuing with their (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
Challenges faced by female athletes
Lack of female coaches, poor incentives, lack of parental support and favouritism in selection procedures are some of the factors restricting women from pursuing their passion for sports. These are some of the challenges pointed out by the women (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
Make teaching intellectually attractive:Andreas Schleicher,education expert
A record number of teachers leave the profession voluntarily every year in Bhutan and the number is only going to increase in the coming years. According to an education expert Andreas Schleicher, this is happening not just in Bhutan but all (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
Fighting Waste with Waste- the story of Phuntsholing Landfill
Seven kilometres away from the town towards Pasakha, the landfill at Pekarshing for Phuntsholing thromde was almost full. But with the genius tactics of fighting waste with waste, Phuentsholing thromde need not have to worry about the landfill (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
Waste management in Gelegphu Tsachu
To address the mounting waste issue at Gelegphu Tsachu in Sarpang, the Gelegphu Thromde has started collecting waste from the area since yesterday. It will now be a monthly routine. The post Waste management in Gelegphu Tsachu appeared first on (...)
BBS - 15 May 2019
How Radio Has Informed And Entertained The Remote District Of Pemagatshel In Bhutan
Since the KYD community radio went on air in 2016, it has brought about immense benefits to the remote community of Khotakpa.
Bhutan Times - 15 May 2019
Bhutan Records An All Time Low Inflation Rate Of 2.98% In March 2019
The year-on-year inflation for the first three months this year is even lower than the average annual inflation last year.
Bhutan Times - 15 May 2019
Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji passes away
Yab Dasho Ugyen Dorji passed away peacefully in the early hours on May 12 at his residence in Punakha. His Holiness the Je Khenpo, who was present, conducted Phowa. His Eminence Gyalse Trulku, senior monks of the Dratshang, Yum Thuji Zam and his (...)
BBS - 14 May 2019
PDP’s 10-point suggestions on Fourth Pay Commission’s report
The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) submitted their comments and 10-point suggestions on the Fourth Pay Commission’s report to the cabinet yesterday. The party wants the government to consider it before tabling it to the Parliament. The post PDP’s (...)
BBS - 14 May 2019
Large scale watermelon cultivation in Yumdang
Watermelon cultivation fever is spreading to other gewogs in Zhemgang encouraged by the successful return from it in Berti village started in 2015. Two acres of paddy fields which usually remain unused during this time in Yumdang village under (...)
BBS - 14 May 2019
Hike in poultry feeds affect farms in Bumthang
With over 8,500 layer birds spread over 3 acres of land in Jalikhar, Bumthang, Navin Poultry Farm, which is the largest poultry farm in Bumthang, is a thriving enterprise today. However, a recent hike in the price of poultry feed has affected (...)
BBS - 14 May 2019
Bhutan Presented 3rd National Report To UN Human Rights Council In Geneva, Switzerland
Bhutan has made significant progress since the country presented its second Universal Periodic Review in 2014.
Bhutan Times - 11 May 2019
In A Bid To Remain Carbon Neutral, Bhutan Aims To Buy More Electric Cars
It is estimated that through the initiative, Bhutan will reduce carbon emissions by 93,000 tons over the lifetime of one electric vehicle.
Bhutan Times - 11 May 2019
Unique Products From 20 Districts Of Bhutan Pitched To Stakeholders As Part Of Tourism Flagship (...)
The tourism flagship programme seeks to advance the development, management, promotion and growth of the tourism sector in Bhutan as an exclusive travel destination.
Bhutan Times - 11 May 2019
A 10-year-old VTI plan in Pema Gatshel
The people of Pema Gatshel Dzongkhag are waiting for a Vocational Training Institute (VTI) in Dungmaed Gewog. It was promised about a decade ago. And now the locals want the promise to be delivered. The post A 10-year-old VTI plan in Pema (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019
BT will have mobile network backup system by next month
Bhutan will not face a telecommunication calamity in case a major disaster damages the core mobile network systems in Thimphu. This is because Bhutan Telecom (BT) is constructing a backup system at its exchange office in Bumthang. The post BT (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019
New orchid species discovered in Gelegphu
A new orchid species has been discovered in Gelegphu by a research team from the National Biodiversity Centre. Named in reference to the place where it was found, Chiloschista gelephuense, is currently found only in the area. The post New orchid (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019
Parents volunteer to operate mobile ECCD centres in Lhuentse
To ensure every child gets equal opportunity in their early years, the education ministry has started a pilot program called mobile Early Child Care Development (ECCD) centres in five Dzongkhags across the country. The post Parents volunteer to (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019
No more registers and logbooks; it’s Online!
The Gongthong Middle Secondary School in Trashigang is embracing technology to take attendance and to keep other records. The post No more registers and logbooks; it’s Online! appeared first on (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019
Four-day Bhutan construction fair begins in Thimphu
Against the increasing number of constructions happening in the country, the construction industry has been slow in adopting new technologies. So in an attempt to create awareness on the latest quality, efficient products and technologies for (...)
BBS - 10 May 2019

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