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Famous Football Players’ Fraud
Iran’s famous football player Ali Karimi presented his poem “ Don’t Pass Namert, let the flow take you” masterpiece of Ustad Şehriyar, as the work of Kurush. On September 13, a former Iranian national team player spread the Persian translation of (...)
Araz News - 17 September 2018
Protests Continue in Iran
In the midst of the economic crisis, dozens of workers in Abadan city municipality in Iran’s Huzistan province organized a protest in front of the municipality to get their salaries. According to the Iranian Workers’ News Agency (ILNA), dozens of (...)
Araz News - 17 September 2018
Iran is on the Edge of Drought
Water levels are alarming across Iran, which leaves Urmia Lake to dry and not be given importance. As the water level in the dams did not meet the domestic consumption due to the decrease of precipitation and drought, Iran was warned about (...)
Araz News - 17 September 2018
Azerbaijan’s Famous Singer Supports Urmia Lake Campaign
Chinare Malikzade, the well-known singer in the Republic of Azerbaijan, participated in the campaign “Seni Diyorlar”, launched by Southern Azerbaijan. The singer, who always gave a special love to South Azerbaijan, joined the stream by singing the (...)
Araz News - 17 September 2018
Pompeos Remarks on Khamenei
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Iran’s religious leader Ali Khamenei for the silence towards the Chinese State policy against the Uyghur Turkish Muslims. From Pompeo’s personal Twitter page; Ali Hamney sees himself as the leader of the (...)
Araz News - 17 September 2018
US Call for Resistance against Iran
US Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander Gen. Joseph Votel has called on the Gulf states to leave their disputes to an end, to threaten Iran’s stability and to unite against radical organizations. US CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel said in a (...)
Araz News - 14 September 2018
Azerbaijan Bicycle Tournament was Canceled by Iranian Regime
While the South Azerbaijani people are preparing for the “Azerbaijan Cycling Tour”, the government officials canceled the race under the pretext of “currency problem”. Tabriz Bicycling Board President Nasir Hushyar spoke to Persian news agency on (...)
Araz News - 14 September 2018
Single Flight from South Azerbaijan to Europe was cancelled
The flights between Tabriz and Hamburg were suspended after 16 months of operation. It is noteworthy that the removal of Tebriz’s only flight to European cities took place during the period when Tabriz was elected as a tourism capital by Islamic (...)
Araz News - 14 September 2018
People in the Zengan State refer to Selling the Kidneys to overcome Poverty
The economic crisis reached so many points in Iran that; people are now trying to earn money to survive by selling their organs. Particularly the non-Persian regions are more poverty-stricken. In Zengan, Southern Azerbaijan, the number of our (...)
Araz News - 14 September 2018
Total Company Withdrawal from Iran put 80 Billion Dollars to waste
Iran, where the day-to-day economy is worsening and many foreign companies have decided to abandon, had to explain the damage of the French oil company to the country. Iranian Parliamentary Budget and Planning Commissioner Huseyin Ali Hajji (...)
Araz News - 14 September 2018

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